OFM: OdAm fEI mUd (Oh-dom feh mood) is a samurai, neo-kabuki, performance art group. The performance is choreographed fighting and sword work, ripping away at prosthetics and props, only to give way to a b-movie bloodbath. The music is the only narrative to this stage performance of tyranny in ambiguity. The music itself is a progressive and ever changing score based in heavy drumming.

OFM was conceived as the brainchild of visual artist Daniel Crosier in 2003, and was heavily influenced by the manga Lone Wolf & Cub, the samurai film Akira Kurosawa’s the Seven Samurai, and the performance metal band GWAR.

Over the years OFM has evolved in many different approaches and aesthetics in performance, music, and commentary. Below is the current roster of phenomenal artists and performers:

Seth Iniguez – OLD SHOGUN, choreographer
Troy Bernal – NEW SHOGUN
Jeremy Bunyan – OX DEMON
Seth Hanson – HORSE DEMON

Scott Osbourne – Composer, guitar
Dave Britton – drums, graphic design
Max Mago – drums
Courtney Ozaki – taiko drums
Keiko Ozaki – taiko drums

Paige Taber, Adrienne Jadwinski, Heather Booth & Margaret Sharpe

Paul Bruning, Jeremy Bunyan, Elizabeth Fitter & Sharon D’Angelo

Daniel R. Crosier – Helm, Master FX Tech

Zach Meyer – Webmaster