April 14th, 2010

May 29th Premiere of Demons In the Sky

Experience unique performance art, live music, amazing costumes, mixed media, martial artist, and aerial acrobats in one amazing show. For one night only, Saturday May 29th the Oriental Theater hosts Demons in the Sky, a visual and audio extravaganza touted as one of Denver’s most avant new performances.

The show will feature the samurai sword fighting, neo-kabuki performance group OdAm fEI mUd, with the aerial acrobatics of Aerial Kaiju, and progressive metal score from the Odam Fei Mud band & Japanese drum ensemble Mirai Daiko.

OFM: OdAm fEI mUd (Oh-dom feh mood) is a samurai, neo-kabuki, performance art group directed by Daniel Crosier. The performance is choreographed fighting and sword work, incorporating elaborate prosthetics and props, ultimately progressing to a crescendo of what critics have described as a “b-movie bloodbath.”

The music is the only narrative to this stage performance of tyranny in ambiguity. The music itself is a progressive and evolving score based in heavy drumming.

Crosier explains his vision for the show, “Over the years OFM has evolved in many different approaches and aesthetics in performance, music, and commentary. OFM is heavily influenced by the manga Lone Wolf & Cub, the samurai film Akira Kurosawa’s the Seven Samurai, and the performance metal band GWAR.

I wanted to combine all three elements in the performance. Adding the aerialist group Aerial Kaiju and taiko drummers Mirai Daiko will incorporate yet another dimension of perception for the audience. It’ll be something they have never experienced.”

The evening includes performances from the avant pop performer Little Fyodor, and the experimental and always surprising Itchy-O. Little Fyodor has been a worldly staple in the underground music scene, for over twenty years, brings his brand of outlandish music to the stage, www.littlefyodor.com. Scott Banning founded Itchy-O as a multi-media production choreographing film, and heavy grooves for a mind-blowing experience, www.itchy-o.com.

For more information please contact Daniel Crosier, 720-236-6339, or , www.thothengine.net. Tickets are $8.00 presale, $10.00 day of show, all ages. Oriental Theater, 44th & Tenyson or visit www.orientaltheater.com.