May 12th, 2011

Odam Fei Mud Gets Rough And Tumble

Experience unique performance art, live music, amazing costumes, mixed media, and martial arts in one amazing show. For one night only, Saturday 9pm, May 21st Three Kings Tavern, at 60 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, hosts a rough and tumble, bar fight version of OFM, a visual and audio extravaganza touted as one of Denver’s most avant new performances.

The show will feature the samurai sword fighting, neo-kabuki performance group OdAm fEI mUd, with three new scenes of corruption, new projections, and progressive metal score from the Odam Fei Mud band, the War Ensemble.

OFM: OdAm fEI mUd (Oh-dom feh mood) is a samurai, neo-kabuki, performance art group directed by Daniel Crosier. The performance is choreographed fighting and sword work, incorporating elaborate prosthetics and props, ultimately progressing to a crescendo of what critics have described as a “b-movie Cirque Du Soliel.”

Crosier explains his vision for the show, “Over the years OFM has evolved in many different approaches and aesthetics in performance, music, and commentary. OFM is heavily influenced by the manga Lone Wolf & Cub, the samurai film Akira Kurosawa’s the Seven Samurai, and the performance metal band GWAR. I wanted to combine these elements in the performance.

Taking to the stage is the enigmatic band Action Friend! Sideshow extraordinaire the John Chaos Sideshow! The versatile band Dangerous Nonsense!

Action Friend Formed in 2005 beneath the shadow of The Berkeley Inn in northwest Denver, CO. Action Friend have played hundreds and hundreds of shows all over Colorado, recorded two albums with members of the Melvins and Big Business, toured a couple of times, and are on their 3rd bassist. They never got a vocalist or the multi-instrumentalist they wish(ed) upon for x-mas every year because they just can’t seem to find the right one and are convinced this person doesn’t even exist. To learn more buy the records and go to their shows. Action Friend especially enjoys getting paid for performing their stylish blends of genre-hopping rock and/or roll music.!/pages/Action-Friend/322669150570

John Chaos strives to bring the old sideshow ways to a brand new generation of the masses. At a John Chaos show you can witness these amazing acts: Hammering nails into his face only to be followed by the daring feat and danger of a drill. Walking on broken glass and using it as a cousin between the ground and someone else’s body. Strait Jackets, & animal traps of all types.

Dangerous Nonsense has an aggressive, radical emphasis on social justice reminiscent of the political punk of decades past, Dangerous Nonsense effectively fuses their deep passions with a raw, intriguing musicality that draws the listener in, forcing the listener to feel the mood they intend to set. Songs range from a deep growling “art-metal” (Jason Heller of the WestWord) to dance-inducing pop ballads with an underlying message that will rock you to the core.

For more information please contact Daniel Crosier, 720-236-6339, or, Tickets are $6.00 day of show, 21 & older. 3 Kings Tavern, 60 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, (303) 777-7352,